TOP201 – Career Choice/Change Coaching Program


This program is designed to help ambitious new grads or professionals like you who are seeking clarity on your life direction or contemplating for a career change.  Utilizing cutting-edge talent assessment technology & advanced coaching methodology, we help you get the most accurate & complete understanding of your talent profile and connect your talent to practical & profitable career options that fit your aspiration & passion.

You will take a unique self-discovery journey through our innovative career coaching to learn how you were meant to contribute in life and why it matters in the pursuit of your education and careers.  By the end of the program, you will get crystal clear on who you are, what you can offer, and how you can launch a successful & fulfilling career that fits you perfectly.


This is not the usual career counseling at college where someone gave you an assessment & a computer printout, and left you with a total confusion, dissatisfaction, and skepticism.  Most our clients’ goal is to decide exactly what they will do with their lives and the vast majority achieve that goal.  In our program, you will: 

  • Discover your inborn Natural Talents & Gifts
  • Understand how your unique strength relate to the world of work
  • Identify practical & profitable career options that play to your strength
  • Design & choose your perfect career
  • Learn to leverage your strength and experience in your career change



New grads and professionals who want to understand the type of work they were born to do and who want to develop a powerful vision of the success & happiness they want to achieve in life.


Step 1: Talent Assessment Process

Step 2: Career Strength Coaching

Step 3: Optima™ Personal Coaching

(TOP 201 – Career Choice/Career Change Coaching)


We have clients all over the globe especially in USA, Canada, & Asia. If you are in Southern California, personal meetings can be arranged in our Irvine office.  Most clients in other parts of the country and international meet with us over Skype, phone, & email.


Coaching Period: one month (Standard)

  • 3 one-on-one coaching sessions (each session is about 90 min)
  • 3 assessments (MBTI, STRONG, HIGHLANDS)
  • 3 worksheets (Temperament, Self-Discovery, Personal & Academic)
  • Expert analysis, verification, interpretation, integration
  • Official career reports from 3 assessments
  • Optima™ Career Choice Summary Report
  • On-going telephone & email support


Minimum time required for this program is one month.  However, the length of the time needed is based on your individual situation and how quickly you are able to sort out some pieces of the puzzle in your life.  Some clients choose to complete the whole process in one month and take the information & suggestion they get from this program to make their decision gradually over time.  Some clients prefer to have our trusted career adviser coaching them throughout the whole process of making career change decision.  So additional time can be added according to your needs.


Express $800 (2 hours coaching)

Standard* $1,600 (6 hours coaching)

Longer coaching is available when necessary.


To make sure this program will meet your goal & expectation, please call us 949-262-3225 to discuss your situation and we can answer some questions you may have before you enroll.  There is no charge for this initial talk.