TOP101 – College Major & Career Direction Program


This is a career guidance program designed to help young people & their parents make the best possible decisions on education & career choices.   It utilizes cutting-edge scientific technology & personalized coaching methodology to give you the most accurate & complete understanding of your talent profile, connect your talent to practical career paths that fit your aspiration, and choose your college majors/minors wisely to prepare for your future career.

You will leave this program with a head start knowing the kind of careers that will capitalize on your strength.  You can then plan early a course of study & preparation that will lead you to a successful & fulfilling career.


  • Discover your unique Natural Talent
  • Identify practical career options that play to your strength
  • Select college majors/minors, graduate studies, professional schools that will prepare you for future career
  • Help your parents understand your talents and support your career goal


High school & college students who are making their college major decision and who want to set their career compasses in the right direction early.

Note: this program is designed to help both students & parents.  For best result, parents are encouraged to attend the whole program


Step 1: Talent Assessment Process

Step 2: Career Strength Coaching

Step 3: Optima™ Personal Coaching

(TOP 101 – College Major & Career Direction Program)


We have clients all over the globe especially in USA, Canada, & Asia. If you are in Southern California, personal meetings can be arranged in our Irvine office.  Most clients in other parts of the country and international meet with us over Skype, phone, & email.


Coaching Period: One month (Standard)

  • 3 one-on-one coaching sessions (each session is about 2 hours)
  • 3 assessments (MBTI, STRONG, HIGHLANDS)
  • 3 worksheets (Temperament, Self-Discovery, Personal & Academic)
  • Expert analysis, verification, interpretation, integration
  • Official career reports from 3 assessments
  • Optima™ College Major & Career Summary Report
  • On-going telephone & email support


Minimum time required for this program is one month.  However, because career decision making is an evolving process especially with young people, some clients prefer to take the information and suggestion they get from this program and make their own decision gradually over time.  Some clients like to work with our expert career adviser throughout their decision making period.  So additional time can be added according to your needs.


  • Express $800
    (Express Program is for students who also register in TOP 102)
  • Standard $1,600
    Longer coaching is available when necessary.


To make sure this program will meet your goal & expectation, please call us 949-262-3225 to discuss your situation and we can answer some questions you may have before you enroll.  There is no charge for this initial talk.