Who We Are…

The Optima Program (TOP) is a leading career coaching & talent optimization firm based in Irvine, Southern California with clients in USA, Canada, & Asia.  We specialize in providing “Strength-Awareness” coaching, training, and consulting to individuals & organizations.

You have come to the right place if you are:

A student who wants to make a wise decision on your college major & career direction that build on your talent & strength

A professional who wants to know what you do best naturally and where to leverage your strength for career success & happiness

A manager of an organization who wants to identify & grow top performers and put their talents where they have the most potential

Our Mission…

Discover, Develop, & Deliver
Top Talents

Our founder Kay Lee, has extensive expertise and research on human talent and performance pattern.  She is recognized as an expert in using leading-edge talent assessment technology & career coaching methodology to evaluate individuals’ core talent & career-related strength and put them where they are most likely to succeed.

What We Do…

We are here to help you discover your amazing talent & put your talent where you are most likely to succeed

Utilizing cutting-edge talent assessment technology & personalized coaching methodology, we help high-potential students & ambitious professionals like you get the most accurate & complete understanding of your talent profile and connect your talent to practical & profitable career options that fit your aspiration.  We are also specialized in helping organizations identify & grow top performers and place them where they have the most productivity & creativity.

You will take a unique self-discovery journey through our innovative career programs to learn how you were meant to contribute in life and why it matters in the pursuit of your education and careers.

Our Vision…

Every one of us is born with unique natural talents & gifts. They are hard-wired into us.  We don’t learn them and we can’t ignore them.  They are just part of who we are.  Nobody is good with everything, but everybody is good with something.  Like an Olympic athlete, when you push your natural talent with lots of training & practice, this innate wiring will become your super strength and that is where you have the highest potential to succeed.

We are not alone in this thinking.  It’s also been expressed by Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Peter Drucker, Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, Lee Kuan Yew and many other top performers in the world, that every person is born with a unique, innate, core nature.  To truly standout, one must utilize that core nature in the right place.

Our 3 Core Beliefs…

  1. Nobody is good with everything, everybody is good with something
  2. Wherever your most natural talent lies, also lies your highest potential
  3. Only when you operate from strength, you can achieve true excellence

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