We have discovered that most programs designed to help people figure out their talents & their best careers look with too small a perspective, i.e., trying to define your talent using only one personality assessment or one interest inventory, and that often mislead people to fallacious or superficial career advice.  It was completely evident to us that people are too complex to be defined by just one or two factors!  So we don’t settle for a simple picture of who you are.  Instead, we have created comprehensive & multidimensional programs to help you understand yourself, your talent, and your career holistically.

Our innovative approach is the perfect combination of art & science!  With our innovative scientific technology, systematic methodology, and personalized coaching, you will be armed with scientific evidence while taking a unique life-discovery journey to learn how you were meant to contribute in life and why it matters in the pursuit of your education and career.


Step 1: Talent Assessment Process

You will complete the following preparation online & at your own pace.  You may take all assessments and analyses separately and you may take breaks and resume later as you wish.


(About 3.5 hours on-line, can be done separately)

We integrate 3 domains of individual differences to give you the most accurate & complete talent profile. We use 3 most trusted & researched assessments available to the public.  Each of these assessments has its own strength & limitation, but when we utilize our innovative Talent to Career Triangulation Mapping Technology to integrate them together, the insight revealed about your talent & strength is amazingly accurate and powerful!


(About 1.5 hours on-line, can be done separately)

These analyses are developed by our Talent Optimization Expert Dr. Kay through years of extensive research, training, & practice.  These analyses serves as very important data that can verify & enhance the accuracy & consistency of the results from your Natural Talent Assessments in the previous stage.  You will also understand yourself from many different layers & angles that the assessments cannot reach.

Step 2: Career Strength Analysis

After you complete STEP 1, we will start the coaching process either in person or on Skype.  During this step, you will discover & understand about your inborn natural talent, how that can be developed into your career strength and apply to jobs & industries where you have the most potential to succeed.


This interview involves a deep inquiry into your life so we can understand you from many different angles and layers.   Questions include your personal upbringings, family & cultural influences, dreams, beliefs, values, aspirations, academic background, & career history.  Many of these information serve as a reflection for you on your life journey thus far and will help you when you make the career decision later on.  These are also the areas cannot be assessed by any instrument.


This is the most important part of this whole process!  We have gathered a lot of information about you from assessments, analyses, questionnaires, & interviews, but these data may not be totally accurate because human talent is complex & not an exact science and you have also been influenced by a lot of factors in life.  To give you the most accurate talent profile and career strength, we have developed a systematic & scientifically proven process to verify the accuracy & consistency of all assessment results.

Many other similar career services fail because they simply print out the assessment reports and hand to their clients without any verification.  That often leads to skeptical clients and misleading career advice.


This is the most fun part!  You will discover what amazing talents & gifts you are born with!  You will learn and understand about yourself from your temperament, personality, interest, and ability.  Each one of these domains connect to certain career strength but they are all interconnected as well.  That means you will see your career strength consistently point to certain areas and form a very clear pattern.


The most magical moment happens here!  Utilizing an innovative Talent to Career Triangulation Mapping Technology, we are able to integrate your temperament/personality, interest, & ability all together and identify your Natural Talent & your strongest career strength zone.  This is the overlapping area where your personality, interest, & ability intersect.  For example, when a client has a strong interest in medicine, the ability/aptitude to be a competent medical professional, and the personality to comfortably live and operate in that kind of profession, then s/he has all the scientific evidence to choose a medical career confidently.


Now, let’s show off your talent to the world!  In this stage, you will learn how to develop your amazing Natural Talent into your unique strength and where you should leverage your strength to maximize your success and reward.  This is a preparation to get into the next step where you will start a focused coaching to achieve your specific goal.

Step 3: Optima™ Personal Coaching

TOP101 – College Major & Career Direction Program

You will go through coaching to understand the career directions that fit your strength & aspiration and how to prepare yourself for the careers that fit you. The development plan includes college majors, minors, graduate school, or professional school. You will also learn what are the courses required to complete certain degrees & majors. For example, many students who like to use computer dropped out from a computer science major because the courses required are not what they have anticipated.

TOP102 – College Application & Essays

You will have the most accurate & complete understanding of your talent profile, connect your talent to practical career paths that fit your aspiration and apply to the best-fit colleges and college majors that will lead you to a successful & fulfilling career.

TOP201 – Career Choice/Change Coaching Program

You will take a unique self-discovery journey through our innovative career coaching to learn how you were meant to contribute to life and why it matters in the pursuit of your education and careers. By the end of the program, you will get crystal clear on who you are, what you can offer, and how you can launch a successful & fulfilling career that fits you perfectly.

TOP202 – Job Search & Interview Coaching Program

You will go through coaching to understand what you do best & what you have to offer, pursue the best match for your strength & passion, create compelling messages on your resumes & cover letters, and deliver clear & concise interviews to your future employers. This coaching helps you stand out as top candidate & get job offers faster.


Become Our Next Success Story

It’s like magic! Suddenly all my questions are answered, all my confusions are gone, I have this sense of clarity about my future when I see the career options Dr. Kay showed me!  All those careers are what I am really interested in and good at.  Dr. Kay also help me narrow down those choices and choose major/minor to prepare me for my career goal. Now I have the confidence & scientific evidence to help me marching on.

JAYA, Student at Stanford

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