Interview – Your First Date (Part 1)
Don’t Wing It, Win It

No matter how many lovers we have ever had, the feeling of the first date with a new person, is just like the feeling of being interviewed by a new company, no matter how many jobs we have ever had. They are both nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. Nerve-wracking, because of the unknowns; exciting, because of the possibilities of a new partnership.

Your goal, in either situation, is to impress and to make the other party like you. Given the same qualifications, the guy who is more likable get the job and, the girl. 🙂 So do you want to impress the interviewer and, the girl? Follow my blog, I am going to show you how from 3 areas of preparation:

  • Content
  • Confidence
  • Conduct

Content Preparation:

  1. Gather all the possible questions that pertaining to your situation and the company you are applying for, write down your answers to each question in a precise, focused, and organized manner. This takes a lot of research and preparation but it’s worth every minute of your time.I have trained and interviewed candidates who think they can just wing it on the spur of the moment, their answers always come out scattered, stuttered, and long-winded. The end result, it’s a big blah and no one remembers what s/he said.
  2. Make a general statement at the beginning of each answer and then go into specifics. To make your specifics remembered by the interviewer, put key points on specifics like the bullet points on your resume. The magic number for key points is 3 to 5. You can phase it like this to make the interviewer aware of your key points: “first of all, … ; secondly, … ; and most importantly, …” or “number 1, … ; number 2, … ; number 3, … ; and last but not least, …”
  3. Practice these Q & A out loud again and again until you can recite all the contents without stuttering.
  4. After you can recite all the answers smoothly, continue your practice until you can speak naturally like you are in a conversation, not like you are reading from a cheat sheet.
  5. Now practice in front of a mirror, add expression and gestures to make your acting lively.

After you practice so many possible questions to the point of you can speak naturally, you will be able to apply these answers to questions that you have not prepared. Improvisation comes easily when you know your music or contents well.

Here you have it for Content Preparation. Stay tuned for the next blog on:

Part 2: Confidence Preparation – Hire Yourself First

Happy Valentine’s Day!

from Dr. Kay & Associates


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