Celebrate What’s Right About You™!
Own your uniqueness

Inspired by Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement speech, I founded The Optima Program (TOP) to provide “strength awareness” coaching, training, and consulting programs to individuals & organizations.

Utilizing cutting-edge talent assessment technology & personalized coaching, I help high-potential students & ambitious professionals like you get the most accurate & complete understanding of your talent profile and connect your unique talent to practical & profitable college & career options that fit your aspiration.

You will take a self-discovery journey through our innovative college & career programs to learn how you were meant to contribute in life and why it matters in the pursuit of your education and career.

Whether you are making decision on your college major, seeking clarity on your career direction, looking for your first job, planning for a career change, or accelerating a promotion in your current organization, we can help you see clearly where you have the greatest strength & potential, find your purpose in life, and launch a successful & happy career.

By creating TOP, I hope to empower you:

Celebrate What’s Right About You™

Be proud of who you are
Become who you are meant to be
Do what you were born to do
Own your uniqueness
Own your life

Nobody Is Good With Everything, Everybody Is Good With Something

KAY LEE, The Optima Program

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