What Do You Want To Be … When You Grow Up?

Are you in high school and your parents are nagging you about choosing college major?  Are you a college student and wondering about your future career direction?  At your age, we know how hard it is to complete this daunting task on your own without making mistakes.  We are the experts in connecting your talent to college major & career and our methodologies have helped thousands of students selecting college majors that fit their strength & lead them to successful & fulfilling careers.

Discover Your Amazing Talent™

But how do you know what you want to be when you grow up? How do you know what you are good at?  In order to set your career direction accurately, the first thing you need to know is what you have a natural talent for doing well. Our innovative Talent Assessment Process (TAP) can help you discover your inborn talent and identify career paths where you are most likely to succeed.  The sooner you learn what you have the talent & passion for, the sooner you can do something about it.


of college students change majors 3 to 6 times.


of college students never graduate


of college grads say they choose the wrong major.


of college grads job hop for at least a decade.

Make A Smart Major Decision

Your college major may directly or indirectly point you to certain career directions, therefore, there is no bigger advantage in the job market than being one of those rare people who make the right career decision early. Our top-rated College Major & Career Direction Program will help you get your education & career compass started off in the right direction.  You can save tons of money, time, & energy by choosing a major that fits who you are & what you do best and you will have full confidence in your decision.


TOP 101 – College Major & Career Direction

This program utilizes our innovative Talent Assessment Process (TAP), cutting-edge scientific technology, & personalized coaching methodology to give you the most accurate & complete understanding of your talent profile, connect your talent to practical career paths that fit your aspiration, and choose your college majors/minors wisely to prepare for your future career.

You will leave this program with a head start knowing the kind of careers that will capitalize on your strength.  You can then plan early a course of study & preparation that will lead you to a successful & fulfilling career.


TOP 102 - College Admission Package

This program is designed to help high school students get admission into the best colleges with a focus on career preparation. We help students not just get them into the colleges of their wishes but also know how to utilize their strength in their college study & job market.

You will have the most accurate & complete understanding of your talent profile, connect your talent to practical & profitable career paths that fit your aspiration, and apply to the best-fit colleges and college majors that will lead you to a successful & fulfilling career.


Nothing Has A Stronger Influence Psychologically On Children Than The Unlived Lives Of Their Parents

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