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With profound dedication and unparalleled enthusiasm, Dr. Kay is a true professional who seeks to parse out the nuances and unique individualities of each client’s personality in order to guide them into their full potential

KATHLEEN TZAN, Medical student, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Philadelphia

My parents and I first heard about Dr. Kay when I was a junior in high school, when my mom’s friend told her about how accurate Dr. Kay’s personality and career assessments were. At the time, I had little clue as to what career direction I should take, and my mom thought that with Dr. Kay’s guidance, I would be able to choose a college major that fits my personality. And it did.

Dr. Kay helped me see where my talents and interest lie, and which careers would be most fulfilling for me. After I learned where my career strengths are, Dr. Kay also helped me get admissions to many great universities and select college major that would prepare me for my future career.

Little did I know that this was not the end of my interactions with Dr. Kay. At the start of my junior year in college, the pressure was on to find a respectable summer internship. I went to all the fall careers fairs my school hosted, but I had little idea as to where to start.

So I took Dr. Kay’s career coaching program during winter break. First, she helped me devise an internship search strategy, then she helped me revise my resume to show all of my talents and experiences in an organized, concise way. She also helped me in my internship search, and encouraged me to apply for all the positions that I am qualified and are interesting to me. She continued to checking up on me throughout my spring semester, to make sure that I was on track. Her warm encouragements really boosted my confidence.

It was through her tireless coaching and my continued effort of applying, finally, I received an invitation to interview at the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) in Los Angeles. Dr. Kay went out of her way to help me prepare for my interview from her extremely tight schedule. In less than one week, I was ready, my interview went fluently, and I got the job!

Thank you Dr. Kay! Not only I was able to secure such a great internship for the summer, I can also continue applying all her career guidance in my job search in the future.

CINDY QI, Environmental Engineering Student, USC

My name is Kathleen Tzan, and I am currently a medical student at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College in Philadelphia. My interactions as a client of Dr. Kay have been nothing short of phenomenal. As the job market of today becomes ever more competitive and complex, it can be confusing and frustrating for young professionals to discover their most-suited path in life. With a thorough understanding of this social context, Dr. Kay combines the power of top-quality personality, ability, and interest assessments with her own enthusiastic approach to career coaching to provide a superior level of professional career guidance that has surely benefited many young professionals, myself included.

My first interaction with Kay was as a high school junior, on the brink of college applications; at this time, I struggled with the many paths that lay before me in terms of career options — what kind of career would I feel satisfied pursuing? Was a long career in medicine something that I could legitimately pursue with no regrets or were there better options for me out there? I will admit that I was skeptical of the merits of career coaching, unsure of the limitations of the personality assessment that Kay so adamantly believed in. Yet session after session, I found myself absolutely convinced by the accuracy of her personality interpretation of me, and I realized that my suspicions towards Kay’s coaching methods were completely unwarranted. Over 5 years later, I am now actively pursuing a degree in medicine, and I still fondly look back to Kay’s advice as a key motivational factor that fuels my inspirations for the future.

It is my sincere belief that success is defined by the fulfillment of one’s full potential and the happiness that comes from this fulfillment. With profound dedication and unparalleled enthusiasm, Dr. Kay is a true professional who seeks to parse out the nuances and unique individualities of each client’s personality in order to guide them into their full potential — not simply for her own success, but ultimately because she feels truly called to help others in this capacity, a true public service. As a long-term benefactor of Kay’s guidance, it is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Kay to any and all individuals looking to discover or rekindle passion in their personal and professional lives; the insight and self-awareness gained from these coaching sessions will certainly be invaluable lessons for a lifetime.

KATHLEEN TZAN, Medical student, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Philadelphia

It’s an eye-opening experience.
The Optima Program provides my son with the much needed guiding light. Its interactive process of identifying and validating every single finding leads to a reliable and truthful portrayal of my son despite the many layers of disguise. The Optima process is truly a fusion of art and science stemming from years of experience and expertise that I believe few other programs can match.

MIKE CHEUNG, System Engineer

I finished my Ph.D in Dec of 2011, tried to find a job for 6 months on my own without too much luck.  I was referred to Kay by a friend and after working with her for 2 months, I was hired at the most desirable company to work for – Google!

What did I do wrong myself? I didn’t know what I really want in a career and I was sending out resumes without a focus.  After Kay’s assessment, she showed me what amazing talents I have and guided me to identify the careers & industries where I belong.  Her insights was so accurate!  She knows me better than I know myself.

She then helped me revised my resume & cover letter with strong personal branding and that got me so many interview invitations.  Interviews have always been my weakest link, but with Kay’s tireless energy to help me practice again & again, I gained the confidence I need to deliver compelling interviews.  It was one of the best decisions to hire Kay as my career coach and I am grateful to her inspiring coaching forever!

PAK, Software Engineer at Google

When I first heard of The Optima Program, I was skeptical. Could a few tests really help determine my career of choice? After going through the program, I realized that it was not just about the tests, it is a career guidance program to help me discover and understand my own strength.


When I first heard of The Optima Program, I was skeptical.  Could a few tests really help determine my career of choice?  After going through the program, I realized that it was not just about the tests, it is a career guidance program to help me discover and understand my own strength.  After Kay’s overall assessment, she helped me discover the major that I love and was a huge help in learning more about myself.  For someone who has always struggled with choosing the right career path, I am extremely grateful for her guidance.
Kay was also instrumental in helping me prepare for my summer internship interview.  After I went through several practices, I was able to answer complex questions in a simple, clear and organized manner. Not only did I received the internship in a prestigious company, but I received new interviewing skills from Kay, which will be applicable for future job opportunities as well.

Regardless of which program, Kay provides great guidance and educated advice that can bring out the potential in any student.


Our family benefited a great deal from Dr. Kay’s counseling.

First of all, our daughter Jennifer is now clear what she wants to be, and she is confident what she can be. Most importantly, she has a plan to reach her goal, a map to get to her destiny, to fulfill her true potential. With such self-assurance and a clear path to her dream, she is more focused on her study and got all As for her course works with a 4.9 GPAs.

Second, my husband and I learned greatly from this process too. We gave up our pre-defined view that Jennifer should be an engineer as we did before. Instead, we become respecting her dream and aspirations to pursue a career in business. We start to intentionally create a nurturing environment for her, including supporting her to do volunteer work in a library to tutor kids to develop more people skills. In addition, we stop criticizing her interest in makeup, instead, we embrace her love of beautiful things.

For my husband, these changes were not easy. However, he made it because Dr. Kay’s professional advice gave him enlightenment. As a result, our relationships with our daughter are much better and three of us are in great harmony. Overall, we deeply appreciate Dr. Kay’s professional coaching.


“It’s like magic! Suddenly all my questions are answered, all my confusions are gone, I have this sense of clarity about my future when I see the career options Dr. Kay showed me!  All those careers are what I am really interested in and good at.  Dr. Kay also help me narrow down those choices and choose major/minor to prepare me for my career goal. Now I have the confidence & scientific evidence to help me marching on.”

JAYA, Student at Stanford

As a recent Ph.D and a “bookworm” all my life entering the job market for the first time, I was nervous and unsure about the whole job search process. I didn’t want to leave anything to chances and hired Kay to help me. Her extensive expertise on hiring process of Fortune-500 companies helped me present myself as a polished professional and got the job I want within 3 months of working with her.

Kay has amazing wisdom, insight, and passion about putting talent in the right place. She does not just want to get me a job, she wants to get me a job where I would be appreciated and rewarded for my talent. I was very inspired and felt very comfortable working with her from the beginning.
The entire coaching process was so innovative and thorough that left no chance for mistakes. It started with a comprehensive assessment and analyses for my personality, ability, and interest, continued with a soul searching self-discovery process to clarify my goal and aspiration, and eventually led me create compelling personal messages and unique marketing materials that made me standout in many job applications and interviews.

Working with Kay has been the most worthwhile experience because she gave her total support and attention throughout my entire job search process. I felt I always have someone in my team to answer questions on appropriate communication and etiquette expected from the potential employer. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for their first job work with Kay.

MATTHEW , PhD, Operation Researcher

Kay is simply the most inspiring, insightful, and encouraging person I have ever met! She sees my potential and has supported me, challenged me, championed me throughout the rigorous process of changing my career from being a financial analyst to becoming a corporate attorney. Thank you Kay for helping me reach my goal.

STEVEN, Lawyer, Morrison & Foerster, LLP

Dear Kay,

I cannot thank you enough for the guidance and coaching you have given me. Never in my life that I have been so confident and optimistic about my future and my career choice.

It’s been very difficult for me growing up in an Asian family full of medical doctors and not wanting to be a doctor myself, and that left me feeling guilty, failing, and crippled. I thought I will be the loser of my family and I will never be able to find a career that is as prestigious and well-paying as being an MD.

After working with you, I have a totally different outlook on my life – I am positive, optimistic, confident, and ready to take on the career path that I am passionate about. The whole process is simply the most thorough and innovative I have ever experienced – the career guidance I got at my IVY League college can’t hold a candle to you! Thank you for your insight, expertise, and practical industrial experience to help me see my own strength and where my talent are greatly valued.


TRACY, Management Consultant, Deloitte

Dear Dr. Kay:

I was so inspired by your speech at the education fair in Los Angeles so I decided to take your coaching programs for my daughter and myself. From our first phone call, I felt comfortable opening up to you honestly. After 15 years of working as a dentist, I have always felt there is something not quite right about me and my job. It’s a respectable job and the money is good, but I know there is a big part of me not wanting to be a dentist. I learned so much about myself from all the assessments, questionnaires, interpretations, and personal coaching you did for me. It was the most enlightening experience for me to be face to face with my true self! I have taken your advice seriously in each step of my getting into a new career.

Your coaching to my daughter has also helped her understand her own strength tremendously and helped her choose the college major to prepare for the career she is interested in. Before she met you, she was a confused high school student and now she is full of confidence about her future. I am so happy that we both took your programs and I have recommended your programs to many of my friends and colleagues.


RENEE, (Dentist to Financial Planner)

My wife and I have long been a believer of been happy and successful to be the highest achievement in a person’s life. Because of our own experiences growing up going to colleges, studying the majors our parents thought were popular at the time, not knowing they weren’t really the subjects we truly like nor have the most talent for. After colleges, we ended up doing completely unrelated work, frequently thinking about the time and money our families had spent. So we promised ourselves to put our two children on better paths than what we had.

So the main reason we decided to try Optima Program was to save ourselves money, time and hopefully turn our children into successful happy persons. We quickly found the program conducted by Dr. Kay to be much more comprehensive compared to others we had looked into. It combines multiple well-known standards plus Dr. Kay’s extensive knowledge and experiences in the field. One of the evaluations I strongly agree with (and missing from other programs) was to give the parents the same tests that was given to our children, to confirm what’s more likely to be true. I feel this is where Optima has the edge and is able to give a more precise evaluation over others simply because our children frequently answer questions according to what they “should” say instead of what they truly “like” to say.

At the end of the program, we received a very comprehensive report for each of our children which I consider to be invaluable road maps to success and happiness, exactly what we wished for. I know how many parents are reluctant to share anything that gives their child the advantage over others, but I feel Optima serves a much higher purpose of bringing happiness to the community, therefore too good not to share.

ROBERT CHOU, Parent of student at Acadia High School

Hi Kay,
I have used paid and nonpaid career counseling in the past but nothing achieved the result I want until my friend referred me to you. I truly understand myself and I got a job I truly can say I love now. I have done Myers Briggs before and the Highlands Ability Battery is a potent addition to what I have known about myself. However, I believe it is your expertise of knowing how to synthesize the results from MBTI, HAB, and my own interest & ambition that set you apart so distinctively from others in the career coaching. I am very impressed by your knowledge about talent and how to put talent in the right place. I will refer anyone who is seeking clarity of their career direction to you without any reservation.

ALEX, Vancouver, Canada

As an international student completing my graduate degree in US, I have encountered many obstacles and frustrations trying to find a job. After working with Kay, I have gotten a great job in bio-tech industry where I have my interest for. If you are a foreign student in US, I highly recommend you hire Kay to help you. Not only she has the first-hand experience as a foreign student in US and was hired by many Fortune-500 corporations, she also has the expertise in helping you clarify your career goals and present convincing message on your papers and interviews. During every coaching meeting, her enthusiasm and positive energy was so contagious and that really motivated me and led me to my success.

YOUNG , Biostatistician

I am amazed by the rich insight I learned about myself after taking TOP 101, College Major & Career Direction Program. I have taken MBTI personality assessment before at my college, but didn’t think the result was right. Kay insisted that I needed to retake MBTI along with the other 3 assessments, STRONG for my interest, Highlands Ability Battery for my ability, and Keirsey’s Temperament Sorter for my Temperament. After I completed all the assessments and worksheets, she took me go through a self-discovery and verification process. It turned out that the MBTI Type I got in my college was not my true Type – I have been in disguise about who I am because I wanted to live up to my family’s expectation.

With Kay’s empowering coaching & guidance, I realized that not only my disguise made me miserable but also blocked me from the success I want for my future. I was not interested in what I chose to study at the college and that reflected on my GPA. She helped me see clearly who I am, what my strengths are, and what I should do to fully utilize my talent. I am confident in my own skin now and changed my major to prepare for the career I have the real talent and passion for.


The value of Dr. Kay’s career coaching program is many times over what we paid! It was the best investment we have done for both of our son (in high school) and daughter (in college). From even the first conversation over the phone, her expertise and passion in helping people find their career strength transpires so vividly even without seeing her in person! During the coaching sessions, she saw both of my children’s potential and talent that we didn’t know before. Both of my son and my daughter were originally reluctant to undertake these career coaching programs, now they both said they think all of their classmates should take TOP 101 – College Major & Career Direction Program to understand themselves. Wow, it’s hard to convince any teenagers to do anything nowadays and Dr. Kay surely win them over! She made them understand how powerful it is to them to know their own talent and utilize their strength in their pursuit of education & career. I highly recommend any parent who are looking for a career guidance program for their children to Dr. Kay.

NATALIE , Parent of Son in University High, Irvine, California & Daughter in UCLA

I have 2 sons, they are both very smart but with very different personalities and interests. As they were growing up, I know they are very different all along. But my husband who is an engineer, want them both to get into engineering – the career path he knows for sure will bring them good income and security. The younger one Andrew who is in high school, showed great talent in math and science from when he was a little boy, but the older son Alex who is in college, has little interest in anything technical. It shows on their academic performance too. We have tried our hardest to push Alex to study harder on his math and science subjects but with very disappointing results. During this process, our relationship with Alex had been damaged. He did not want to communicate with us and especially tried to avoid his father all the time. The younger one Andrew, despite of his top performance in academic subjects, shows little personality and is very introverted – something we also worried about.

After attending to one of Dr. Kay’s seminars, we were both convinced that Dr. Kay is the person we were looking for who can help us. We registered to her program TOP 101 – College Major & Career Direction for both of our sons and that, was “the best money we have spent in our lifetime!” – This comment was from my husband, a very frugal engineer.

When Dr. Kay showed us the results from one of the assessments they took, Highlands Ability Battery, we were both shocked by how much they are alike – their ability scales on every category are almost identical. My husband was elated to see this result, he said to both of his sons “you see, I know you both have very high intelligences and abilities to be engineers.” At this moment, Dr. Kay explained to us that the ability has largely inherited from parents biologically and that explains why siblings often score very similarly in ability test but this is only one part of the equation. She then showed us my sons’ personalities and temperaments and they are exactly opposite in every category, as different as day and night! Through Dr. Kay’s in depth coaching, she made us understand how different combinations in ability, personality, and interest would lead to different talent and strength in each person.

After the program, my husband finally understand he cannot change a person’s nature and the best strategy is to use that nature to develop one’s own strength. Both Alex and Andrew came out of the program knowing their talent and career direction. Both my husband and I came out of the program knowing our sons strengths and where they have the most potential. Most importantly, our family’s relationship has improved tremendously after the program. I cannot thank Dr. Kay enough for saving my family and my marriage! I highly recommend any person who is looking for career guidance take the career programs from Dr. Kay.

VIVIAN , Parent of Alex (UCI) and Andrew (Torrey Pines High School)

Coach Kay taught me useful interview skills from A to Z and eventually help me find the career I love.
She helps clients do a career profiling and find the best fit for me.
If you do believe success can be engineered, you shall find the best career coach – Kay.


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